The Value of a Healthy Lifestyle

technologyToday, we live in a fast paced world. A world of exciting technology with new gadgets designed to make our hectic lives easier and more stress free. We try to cram more things into our days than ever before and we are stressed out by trying to ‘manage’ everything in our hectic lifestyles. I have noticed that, as a society, we tend to value ‘quick fixes’ and ‘easy solutions’ over having to invest long term in anything. From cell phone contracts to gym memberships … we get excited when we have to invest minimal time to achieve the best results.

Unfortunately, this often extends to our approach to our health as well.

It takes years of continual poor food choices, little exercise and activity to become both unhealthy and overweight. Which means it isn’t a problem we can just solve overnight or in a few weeks on that new diet your girlfriend just told you about. You know the one – you stop eating _____ (you can fill in the blank) and you only eat 800/1000/1200 calories a day. THAT diet which promises you rock hard abs overnight or that you can eat anything and just take this one pill and all the fat will just melt away. And of course, it just takes a few weeks and then you can go back to eating ‘normally’.

I don’t want to bash all diets but I do think we tend to ditch common sense when it comes to weight loss. Our idea of ‘normal’ eating is one of the key reasons why we have a billion dollar diet industry. We look for the cheap, fast and easy when it comes to normal eating and we apply those same parameters when we look for a diet to correct our over-eating issues. It’s no wonder we are so confused about eating.

fad dietsCommon sense should tell us that reversing the damage we have done to our bodies isn’t a quick fix or magic solution. It’s also not a crazy restrictive plan that makes you hangry and causes you to binge, cheat and finally ditch the diet because well …. it sucks. I mean how many jokes are there about starting the diet Monday, or New Years Day or that mythical day in the future? I know you know what I mean. Fad diets are all about deprivation and they encourage us to live a life of extremes. Which stresses our bodies out, causes endless binge sessions and for us to gain back all the weight we lost – and more.

So if weight loss and getting healthy isn’t about quick fixes, then what does it involve? Well it looks like this:

  • Learning new healthy habits to counteract the unhealthy habits we have learned over the years
  • Developing new approaches to food that don’t have to involve calorie counting
  • Increasing activity and building on it over time so you can become stronger and leaner
  • Learning how to manage stress so you can sleep better and feel better consistently
  • Being kind to yourself and NOT expecting everything to happen overnight
  • Building a lifestyle that you can live not just today, but for years to come

Because at the end of the day, our health is the most precious commodity we have. Good health affords us the ability to live a life that we love, doing all the activities we want to do. The better we treat ourselves, over the long term and without the crazy diets, the more our health will improve. The value of a healthy lifestyle is the freedom to be able to live life on our terms.

Because at the end of the day we are all mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends … and more. Doesn’t it make sense to invest time and energy into a lifestyle that affords us the ability to do all the things we love, with the people we love? Its one of the reasons why I started a healthy living community that is focused on helping people make healthier choices, learn about REAL nutrition and provide a space that is body positive and people focused. Join our community today!

If you are tired of the endless roller coaster of diets and would like to transform your lifestyle, I would love to help you. Click here to learn more about my nutrition & fitness coaching program so you can live a life you love.

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