benefits of meal prepping with a slow cooker
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The Benefits to Using your Slow Cooker for Meal Prepping

When it comes to meal prep, one of the most essential tools that I know which will make the process simple and stress free is the slow cooker. It’s one of the appliances I use the most in my kitchen and it helps me look like a multi-tasking superstar on the days I am prepping food and preparing for the week ahead. There are so many benefits to using this handy tool that I thought I would share them with you so you can decide if this tool might help you be a meal prepping rockstar as well.

Benefit #1: Major Time-Saver

One of the things I like most about my slow cooker is that it does all the cooking while I am off doing other things. It’s like my sous chef and on days where I have a ton going on, it literally saves me the stress (and time) of having to cook meals when we have activities going on or I have to work at night. I can toss a bunch of ingredients in, in the morning, and we can sit down to a home cooked meal at night. It’s almost magical.

Benefit #2: It Saves me Money

My slow cooker saves me money in many ways. First, because we lead such busy lives and it does all the cooking for me, it saves me the money I would have spent if I didn’t have one, on convenience or fast food options. I always plan slow cooker meals for nights that are crazy busy and let’s face it, if I didn’t do it I would be grabbing take-out. So that is a huge money saver for us. I also save money on groceries with my slow cooker because instead of having to plan multiple meals, I can make a big batch of soup or chilli and have that do for multiple nights. Last but definitely not least, because food cooks slowly in this handy appliance, you can purchase less expensive cuts of meat and they will turn out moist and delicious … so you save money and have delicious meals.

Benefit #3: It Makes a Ton of Different Recipes

Think the slow cooker is just for chilli? Think again. There are a TON of recipes out there for this appliance that are for every meal – even desserts & drinks – so there is always something new to try. The variety of food you can make in this appliance never fails to amaze me which is why I will always have one of these tools in my kitchen. From soups to pastas to amazing desserts …. the variety is endless.

Benefit #4: It Easily Helps me Batch Cook

One of the ways that I like to meal prep is to cook big batches of a meal and freeze portions for future meals. The slow cooker helps me do that with effortless ease so that I don’t even feel like I am doing extra work but I know I am saving myself tons of time and making it easy to have healthy food consistently on hand for my family.

Benefit #5: It’s Easy to Cleanup

Slow cooker recipes usually feature minimal prep and clean up which makes the meal prepping process a breeze. I love that I can easily prep the ingredients, pop them in the cooker, clean up my workspace … and have a clean kitchen all day long. After the meal is over its just a matter of popping a few dishes in the dishwasher and cleaning one pot. Easy peasy!

Beyond that, there is nothing better than how amazing the house smells after having the slow cooker on all day. And walking into the house, smelling glorious aromas of food cooking and knowing dinner is taken care of instantly boosts my mood. It’s the best feeling ever to know that dinner is taken care of & I don’t have to stress about it.

And that is why starting in October, I will be featuring some amazing slow cooker recipes in the Meal Planning Club. I can’t wait to get cooking recipes like:


The slow cooker is a handy kitchen tool that can help you make healthy eating, meal prepping & weeknight dinners a breeze. If you are interested in learning more about meal planning & prepping, be sure to check out the Meal Planning Club and follow me on Instagram where I share a ton of healthy eating tips and recipes.

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