sustainable weight loss

When I was in yo-yo diet hell, my focus was on the end of the process. Like what I was going to look like when I finally lost all the damned weight. What outfits I would wear. How I would feel. The foods I would eat. Anything to bring me closer to the end of dieting.

Well that stuff is motivating but it doesn’t help you reach your weightloss goals. And to be honest, it can make it really HARD to manage the day-to-day drudgery of eating chicken and broccoli with every meal. Of being bored and frustrated with tracking every calorie I ate.

Here’s what I realized when I finally started building healthy habits vs dreaming about ‘someday’: that I was missing out on enjoying my life. I was so focused on stuff that hadn’t even happened yet and making myself miserable now, that I was pretty much making it a foregone conclusion that I would never reach that dress size or scale weight. I was sabatoging myself without even realizing it.

So, I stopped living for the future. I finally started focusing on making small, positive changes everyday. I focused on mindfully eating the food I had planned and getting active every single day. I stopped looking ahead and being present NOW. I began planning foods I would actually eat vs an endless parade of chicken for every meal.

I stopped focusing on being perfect & started focusing on becoming the best and healthiest version of myself right now.

Some pretty amazing stuff started happening. First, because I was focused on creating healthy habits for myself that I enjoyed, I stopped looking ahead to the mythical lifestyle I was going to have someday. I started losing weight in a way that I enjoyed, eating foods I liked and getting active by doing workouts and activities I liked and had fun doing.

I stopped waiting for some day and started living my life NOW. And when shit got hard – because it always does – I had some amazing healthy habits that got me through it without binge eating, relying on take out and being overwhelmed with stress and feelings of depression.

And I got through without quitting on my weight loss goals because I knew the steps I should be taking everyday to be successful. I had practiced them over and over.

Was every decision healthy? Nope. But 85% of them were and that was enough to get me through and help me realize that this was a lifestyle I could not just lose weight on … but live with, quite happily, for the rest of my life. And four years later, I have not only lost 85 lbs but I have been maintaining that weightloss for over two years now. The healthy habits I teach are the ones I practice daily.

So if you are struggling and you don’t know why you can’t lose weight and keep it off – I encourage you to look at your habits. The ones you practice everyday. Because the key to success is not in the big changes you make, but in the habits you practice daily.

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