Strong Foundations

Strong Foundations Package

The Strong Foundations package is a 3 month program that is perfect for people who are tired of restrictive dieting and want a complete nutrition & fitness solution. If you want help creating a sustainable lifestyle so youy can reach your weight loss and fitness goals in a healthy way that boosts your self confidence, then this package is for you! This is the simple way to get lean & fit so you never have to yo-yo diet again!

Working with me and using my unique online coaching platform, you will start to build the healthy eating & fitness habits that are necessary for long term weight loss and improved body composition. This package gives you all of the following:

  • A Virtual Assessment to discuss the Client’s current lifestyle & goals. This assessment can take up to an hour to complete. ($60 value)
  • 3-month membership to the ProCoach online coaching program which will provide clients with daily check ins & nutritional lessons as well as access to me using the online messaging software ($300 value)
  • A fitness program that is tailored to the client’s goals and which takes into account their current abilities. All workouts are provided online through the coaching platform and can be completed at the gym or at home with minimal equipment. All workouts include step by step instructions, instructional videos in a simple to follow format ($100 value)
  • 5 Guides to Health & Nutrition which includes information like how to manage portion control without calorie counting, strategies on how to incorporate movement & exercise into your lifestyle, tips on how to manage common challenges like over-eating/alcohol/injuries plus how to create a mindset for longterm success ($50 value)
  • A customized Recipe Book with healthy & delicious recipes for clients to start trying immediately. Recipes focus on whole foods and include all nutritional information. Recipe book can be customized to suit a client’s eating preferences (eg. low-carb, vegetarian, vegan etc.) ($50 value)
  • Monthly virtual follow ups with me for 30 minute sessions to assess progress, discuss upcoming habits and help clients create a plan for success moving forward ($90 value)
  • An Invitation to join our private Healthy & Strong Facebook Community so you can find support, lots of new & fun lifestyle challenges, accountability partners & more!

This package provides clients with everything they need to build the healthy habits necessary for improved health and long term weight loss & maintenance. The combination of the online coaching program plus consistent check ins and follow ups from me will help clients feel supported and accountable throughout the process.

My nutrition & fitness program is meant to be a 12 month transformation process to ideally help clients not just form the healthy habits necessary for optimal weight loss but to put the into practice so they can create a lifestyle that supports them.

My goal is to help you get into the best shape of your life without fad dieting and by helping you create more positive associations with food and your body. The combination of good nutrition + consistent workouts will help you not just lose weight but completely transform your body.

After 3 months of nutrition coaching, clients have the option of continuing the program on a month to month basis for a fee of $150 + HST. This membership will continue to give them access to the online coaching and fitness program plus it will include monthly coaching sessions with me.

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