meal planning club: November

November in the Meal Planning Club

In the Meal Planning Club, we are all about healthy recipes and helping you simplify meal planning and prep. We think that healthy eating should be fun, flavourful and easy to do so that figuring out what’s for dinner is no longer a worry in your life. 

The month of November signals the start of the holiday season with American Thanksgiving followed by the start of christmas parties, dinners and gift shopping. So our goal this month was to give you a ton of delicious recipes that would you nourish and fuel your body in between all those fun events and take the stress of how to keep up with your healthy meals, completely off your plate.

And as always, the previous month’s recipes are still there and will remain in the Club up until the middle of the month so that means even if you are joining in November, you can still grab all those awesome recipes and meal plan guides to use whenever you need them. October is Slow Cooker month and it was packed with delicious slow cooker meals like:

  •  Chicken Cacciatore
  •  Spicy Vegetarian Chilli (plant based)
  •  Apple Cinnamon Pork Tenderloin
  •  Stuffed peppers (plant based)
  •  Root Vegetable Cider Stew (plant based)
  •  Savoury Beef Stew
And that’s just a few of the slow cooker meals … there were still a ton of other recipes for delicious lunches, breakfasts and snacks that were amazing. Like the pumpkin spice chia pudding and the rich and delicious avocado brownies. Yum!
meal planning club october

But let’s dive into November, because that those recipes are just as delicious! 

Healthy Eating Plan

Week 1

  • Breakfasts: Raspberry Chia Protein Pudding
  • Lunches: Chopped salad pitas, Hummus & veggie wraps
  • Dinners: One pan chicken thighs with asparagus, Thai chopped chicken salad with peanut sauce, Pesto Chicken Bake with crispy roasted vegetables, Potato & Egg Tacos, Taco salad with beef
  • Snacks: A variety of fruits, nuts, sliced veggies & hummus and coconut banana energy bites
Week 2
  •  Breakfasts: Strawberry Almond Protein Smoothie, Detox Smoothie
  • Lunches: Chicken schwarma bowls, meal prep chicken, asparagus & sweet potato bowls
  • Dinners: Meatloaf muffins with mashed cauliflower ‘frosting’, Creamy sun dried tomato pasta, Crispy broiled haddock & broccolini, Ginger chicken stirfry, Chicken ranch spaghetti squash
  • Snacks: A variety of fruits, nuts, crackers & cheese
Week 3
  •  Breakfasts: Lemon blueberry muffins
  • Lunches: Mason jar salads with shredded chicken, grilled bruschetta chicken with zoodles
  • Dinners: Lemon turkey quinoa skillet, Ginger beef stirfry, Quinoa crusted chicken parm with roasted cauliflower, One pan olive pesto pork chops, Easy chicken fajitas
  • Snacks: Apple cinnamon bites, yogurt with fresh fruit
Week 4
  •  Breakfasts: Vanilla latte overnight oats
  • Lunches: Chicken thigh shredded salad
  • Dinners: Honey garlic wings with green beans and cauliflower rice, Zucchini noodle lasagne, One pan maple mustard chicken thighs, Classic Tacos, Chicken piccata with pasta
  • Snacks: Creamy apple pie smoothie, a variety of fruit and vegetables, cucumber tuna bites

Plant Based Eating Plan

Week 1

  • Breakfasts: Pumpkin muffins & greek yogurt, crustless broccoli cheddar quiche
  • Lunches: Tempeh buddha bowls, Mini egglplant pizzas
  • Dinners: Mango & chickpea quinoa salad, Sweet potato & black bean enchiladas, Quinoa tofu tacos, Honey garlic chickpeas with asparagus and rice
  • Snacks: Raspberry chia protein pudding, Creamy apple pie smoothie
Week 2
  •  Breakfasts: Fried egg breakfast sandwich, Strawberries & cream oats
  • Lunches: Egg white and peppers pitas, Black beans/sweet potato/egg bowls
  • Dinners: Pea and basil buckwheat risotto, slow cooker stuffed peppers, Miso baked tofu with rice and roasted brussel sprouts, Creamy sundried tomato pasta with a caprese salad
  • Snacks: Bell pepper egg bites, cucumber and hummus bites, balsamic parmesan zucchini bites
Week 3
  •  Breakfasts: Roasted red pepper egg bites, Cucumber mojito juice, 
  • Lunches: Lentil/sweet potato/arugula salad, Burrito bowls, 
  • Dinners: Eggplant & crispy chickpeas with tahini, Crispy peanut tofu with cauliflower rice, Roasted veggie and quinoa bowl, Black bean and brown rice burgers with roasted broccoli
  • Snacks: Chocolate protein oats with berries, Winter yogurt bowl with fruit
Week 4
  •  Breakfasts: Melon breakfast bowls
  • Lunches: Mexican black bean salad, 
  • Dinners: Spicy vegetarian chilli, Falafel salad with green tahini sauce, Egg tacos, Curried tofu scramble
  • Snacks: Tzaziki with cucumber, Mini eggplant pizzas, Banana and chocolate chip oatmeal cups
meal planning club november

We Make Healthy Eating Ridicously Easy.

Saving you time, money and stress – we help you make healthy eating a habit so you can reach your health, weightloss and fitness goals. If you are a Meal Planning Club Member then login here for the Healthy Eating Plan or login here for the Plant Based Eating Plan. If you would like to learn more about what the Club offers, click the button below!

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