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Simple Strategies to Becoming a Meal Prepping Superhero

I will be the first to admit that I am a bit of a superhero fan. It’s hard not to be when I live in a household where we routinely have in depth discussions about Marvel vs DC movies and get deep into characters, mythology and story arcs. Geek girl alert! That’s totally my jam – and I even participate in cosplay – so incorporating the concept of becoming a superhero into my coaching and blogging just seemed like a natural segueway. So humour me a little today as we create a bridge between the superhero world and our own.

I want to ask you a quick question: What’s your superpower?

This is something I ask many of my coaching clients and most of them don’t know understand at first why I do that. But I’m asking you today – what’s your superpower?

You definitely have at least one, and chances are you have several (some you might not be aware of yet)!

You see, there are SO MANY amazing everyday superpowers we take for granted: teaching, parenting, music, athletics, or offering advice. You might be organized, a financial wizard, a fitness freak, or maybe your home is spotless 24/7. You get the picture. Most of us don’t even recognize the superpowers we possess so as a coach, it’s something I love getting my clients to think about. It’s perhaps the one of the most empowering parts of coaching is seeing my clients start seeing their own value & strengths.

And yet, there are probably at least a few things you struggle with. The #1 thing most of my coaching clients struggle with is meal planning and meal prep. Those two things often seem overwhelming – especially if they aren’t super comfortable in the kitchen or don’t know a ton of healthy recipes.

Here’s the thing though, and it’s something I’ve learned something from watching my most successful clients (and also many superhero movies). It boils down the old saying: “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

Once you’ve gotten great at ONE thing, you already know how to get great at ANYTHING. You just have to apply the same principles: focus, attention, practice, and time.

But you also have to add an extra ingredient when you’re trying to develop a new superpower… especially if it’s an area that doesn’t come naturally to you. This is where we tend to fall short… because we take it for granted, think we shouldn’t have to work at it, or believe that it should come naturally. And trust me, that’s not always the case! Like take Dr Strange for example, he definitely DIDN’T naturally just start shifting dimensions and step into being a master wizard right away. Not even close. So what enabled him (and what can you do too) to build a new super power? 


Mindset. It’s all about your mindset with respect to building that new superpower. If you believe you CAN do it, then that makes building the skills so much easier. If you don’t, then there might be some bumps in the road before you start to see your own potential for greatness.

You have to work on your MINDSET. That’s the secret sauce! Having the right mindset is THE difference between wishing you could do something and actually building the skills to do it. Trying to muscle through being “disciplined” just doesn’t work. And it’s also not fair to yourself. 

Your mindset is like a seedling that requires daily attention until it takes root: you have to add just enough water, fertilizer and sun, while protecting it from wind and harsh elements.

How do you do that?

 Simple: You feed your mind with inspiration and motivation.

That could mean reading articles, watching videos, building a support system (in person or online), listening to audiobooks or podcasts, or basically doing ANYTHING that pumps you up on a near-daily basis. My most successful clients who meal plan and prep on a regular basis did a ton of research before they started. They found meal planning tools & recipes, they watched cooking videos and read articles about meal prepping, they attended seminars and cooking classes … they did everything they could to ensure they were successful.

And you can do this too. It takes making that shift into the right mindset and believing in your own innate ability to build this skill so you can become a meal prepping superhero. And over time, with focus, attention, and practice, you’ll master your new superpower. (Just like you did with all of the other things you rock at.)

Need some ideas? Check out:

  • Success Magazine (you can check out their info-packed website here)
  • Zen Habits has a lot of great stuff on their site
  • The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (book)
  • Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins (book)
  • The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman (AWESOME book)
  • And if you’re into podcasts and audio, scroll the offerings on Stitcher, the podcast app, because there are literally millions of hours of content to listen to!

If you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or generally get in better shape, make sure you’re feeding yourself with nutrition and fitness inspiration as often as possible. Find a community where you can find inspiration, motivation & support to keep you going. Look for tools to help you become a meal prepping superhero and don’t be afraid to fail a time or two – because you will (its part of the journey of any great superhero).

Creating resources you can depend on, is one of the most powerful actions you can take, to reinforce your goals and your determination.

So are you ready to become a meal prepping superhero? You can do this, and I’m here for you every step of the way!

And if you want the #1 meal prepping & healthy eating tool I recommend to my clients, then check it out here. It’s got everything you need to get started meal planning and prepping today.

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