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Kickstarter Package




The kickstarter package is a 30 day healthy eating program that I created for people who just need help getting back on track but need the accountability of a nutrition coach as they make the shift back into healthy eating & exercise habits.

Working with me, clients will start putting into practice healthy habits that will get them back on track as they work towards their health and weight loss goals. Using a combination of coaching, my nutritional guides and a healthy eating recipe book they will be motivated to start making some positive changes. This basic package includes:


  • A Virtual Assessment with me to go over your current lifestyle, define your goals and discuss strategies that you can implement right away to work. Assessments are up to an hour in length. ($60 value)
  • 5 Guides to Health & Nutrition which includes information like how to manage portion control without calorie counting, strategies on how to incorporate movement & exercise into your lifestyle, tips on how to manage common challenges like over-eating/alcohol/injuries plus how to create a mindset for longterm success ($50 value)
  • An email follow up with an action list to help clients build up to 2 new healthy habits in the first 30 days as you work towards their goals ($100 value)
  • A Healthy Recipe Book with 30 delicious recipes to inspire clients to start eating better right away & save time in the kitchen ($50 value)
  • A 30 minute follow up call/virtual meeting to assess progress and help with challenges in either week 2 or 3 of the 3o day program ($30 value)
  • An Invitation to join our private Healthy & Strong Facebook Community so you can find support, lots of new & fun lifestyle challenges, accountability partners & more!