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Pet Health & Wellness

Health and wellness isn’t just a relevant topic for people. It’s for pets too. As a total cat momma, I take the health and wellness of my furry felines very seriously. Currently, we have six adorable cats with very distinct personalities whom we love and treat like family because they ARE family to us. And we take that responsibility pretty seriously because everyone in our family matters.

We stay on top of their health with regular vet visits and we promote wellness with lots of social interaction, outdoor time (for some of them) and cuddles and love. When one of them gets sick, we do everything we can to make them feel better and when we realize there isn’t a lot we can do, we make the best choices we can for them. We know we aren’t alone and if you are a pet parent like us then you get it. Based on that I want to share the story of our Clary, a sassy tabby who has had a tough road and whom we thought we would have to make some hard choices for.

Clary the cat
Clary was such a little minx! And she fell asleep in the strangest places – like on the bottom of this side table lol!

But I am getting ahead of myself. Clary came to us eight years ago as a young, sassy and super sweet tabby who needed a home. She was my sister’s cat but my sister was transitioning to living in the U.S  and her husband to be was allergic, so we gladly took Clary in. When she came to us she was energetic, feisty and funny. She loved napping in the weirdest positions and she thoroughly enjoyed both the other cats and being able to go outside to play and run. She had a loud purr, she LOVED to talk to us and her tail was always so expressive. I flat out loved her at first sight and I could tell that love was reciprocated.

About three years after Clary came to live with us, she got very ill. What started out as sneezing morphed into her turning lethargic and not eating or drinking. Obviously we were alarmed and we rushed her to the vet who gave her antibiotics and a pill that was supposed to stimulate her appetite. Unfortunately, the appetite stimulant must have been really strong as she started attacking us because she was hungry so we took her off the pills immediately. She started eating and drinking and while the infection seemed to go away, her whole demeanor changed. She was antisocial, didn’t want to be petted or cuddled. She stopped talking to us, she slept all the time and she stopped purring. We took her back to the vet but they had no idea what was wrong. They thought perhaps she might have a parasite in her brain or a brain inflammation .. but they couldn’t be sure. And there was nothing they could do.

So we took her home and opted to respect her wishes and give her the space she needed to heal. The problem was, with all the inactivity she started gaining weight – a lot of weight – and it put a lot of stress on her body. She barely moved around, other than to go get food, and we didn’t know what to do. We kept talking to her, petting her when she allowed it and telling her no matter what she was loved.

Clary our cat
Clary our gorgeous girl after she fell ill.

Last year, we switched cat foods and opted to take Clary off the diet food she had been on. We applied the same healthy eating logic we follow to her food and replaced the diet food with an excellent adult cat food that had a ton of nutrients in it. We gave her the right portions and within a few weeks we started to see a difference in terms of her energy levels and weight loss. You see by giving her real food – not diet food – she had energy to move around and that helped her lose weight. She has over the past year lost just over 5 lbs and it’s been amazing for her energy levels – you could see she FELT better!

In addition to switching out her food, we started giving both her and our other cat Mina, liquid collagen daily. Collagen which both my husband and I take ourselves, is extremely beneficial for lowering inflammation levels inside our bodies. Whether its inflammation associated with joint pain or inflammation in our body or brain, collagen is key to reducing it and helping our bodies work normally. It’s pivotal for strengthening cartilidge and connective tissue, improving mobility and it helps lubricate all our joints so we don’t have the pain associated with painful conditions like arthritis. We knew Clary was suffering from arthritis and joint pain (so much weight on her joints from when she was obese) and we knew the collagen would be very beneficial.

What we weren’t sure about, was if the hyaluronic acid that is part of the unique collagen we were giving her, would have any kind of impact on the inflammation in her brain. Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient for most anti-aging creams and injections but it is also been shown to help with brain inflammation and either slowing down the progress of conditions like MS, dementia and Parkinsons. There have been studies which have shown just how remarkable HA is however many people don’t realize – yet – that HA is for way more than just making you look younger.

We noticed little things at first after we introduced collagen into her diet. She was able to jump up on furniture much more easily and her coat got soft and glossy after 3 weeks on the supplement. Then at 6 weeks we started seeing a personality shift back to the old Clary we remembered. She became much more alert and much more vocal. She started talking to me again and she would jump up and come over to me,  obviously looking for love and strokes. The thing that made me cry was when she started to purr again – that was a milestone I won’t forget – and I could see in her eyes that she was so much happier.

clary 3

Today marks the third month that Clary has been on the pet collagen and the change is tangible. She is super expressive and her tail tells a story when she talks to us. She is active and just this past weekend she started doing things she hasn’t done in years! She started playing and chasing toys (watch the video below) and she went outside!!! She has slowly been expressing interest in the outdoors again (after not going out for years) and just today she went out, strolled around the back yard, chased one of our other cats and then lay in the sunshine. I can’t tell you what that means to us to see her so happy. I only know that for the first time in so very long, she is happy, pain-free and enjoying life once again.

My husband and I credit this remarkable recovery to both her weight loss and to the amazing collagen that has given her a new lease on life. It might have been easier to give up on her but that isn’t the kind of pet parents we are and we are grateful that we were able to help her get better.

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Today our household is a happy afor the love of catsnd lively one. Yes, the cats currently outnumber the humans but we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are a proud pet parent like me, I invite you to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram where I can often be found sharing pix of my furry babies.

If you would like more information on the collagen supplement that we are giving Clary, please contact me. I would love to help you improve the quality of your pet’s life too!








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