The Healthy Habits Tribe

healthy habits for women

We make healthy living amazingly easy.

Here in the Healthy Habits Tribe, we make healthy living ridiculously simple.

Imagine ditching all those fad and yo-yo diets that are no longer serving you.

Imagine having the tools, knowledge & support to reach your healthy weight loss goals in a positive and sustainable way.

Imagine loving your body and choosing to take care of it in a positive and healthy way so you can make decisions based on positive self assessment vs negative self judgement.

Stop the Dieting Madness

  • Learn how to improve your nutrition so you can make educated decisions about food without calorie counting and making losing weight complicated or weird
  • Get my tools and expertise so you can start building the healthy habits necessary to sustainable and healthy weight loss
  • Learn how to love your body and make choices not to punish or deprive – but rather to nourish & strengthen your body every single day
  • Start building a healthy lifestyle with actionable tips & strategies that give you the confidence to live your life without worrying if the weight will come back
  • Start believing in yourself and in your abilities to take control of your lifestyle without punishing workouts and restrictive diet plans
  • Get healthy & delicious recipes every month to inspire you to try new foods and learn that healthy eating is both fun & fabulous

I help you make healthy eating a habit. So you can reach YOUR goals, regardless of what they are. I help you build the healthy habits that will enable you to ditch fad diets forever.

This isn’t another diet. It’s the ANTI-DIET. It’s about helping you learn how to enjoy your life again while making positive, healthy choices for your body.

In addition to becoming a Healthy Habits Tribe member, people who add their names to the waitlist before the membership opens in September will also get these three bonuses:

Bonus #1: How to Calculate your Caloric Intake in 3 Easy Steps

Good nutrition is the cornerstone to my program and to good health. When your health improves, your body naturally moves towards your body weight goals. Fad diets teach you restrictive eating methods but my guide will help you determine how much food you should be eating every day for optimum health & wellness.

Bonus #2: Meal Prepping Guide

One of the most intrinsic healthy habits is meal planning & prepping. When we plan ahead with healthy meals and snacks, not only do you take the stress out of what to eat but you also make healthy foods convenient & appealing. This ebook walks you through exactly how to meal plan and prep so that you can nourish your body every day with healthy foods.

Bonus #3: The Ultimate Smoothie Recipe Ebook

Love smoothies? Me too! This recipe ebook contains some of my all time favourite recipes that you will enjoy making! From my beloved pumpkin spice smoothie to the refreshing applie pie smoothie … and so many more! Get this ebook as a thank you for becoming a member today.

The Healthy Habits Tribe will open in September. In the meantime, if you are struggling with reaching your goals in a healthy way, be sure to check out my latest blog articles:

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Train your body to crave healthy food.

Insider Benefits

Take the Stress out of Weightloss: Stop stressing about what diet to go on next or what to eat to reach your goals. Learn the strategies, skills and healthy habits to sustainably lose weight and keep it off for good.

Improve your Nutrition & Stick to your Goals: By learning healthy habits, planning ahead and making decisions based on how to improve your nutrition and health you can finally start to feel confident about your relationship with both food and your body.

Exclusive Tribe Community: When you become a Tribe member, you join a community of women who are tired of fad diets and who want a better – and healthier – way to reach their goals. With weekly Q & A sessions, monthly habits to practice & implement and new recipe inspiration to try you get all the benefits of working with a nutrition coach in a community of like minded women who put their health first.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself.