It's time to make healthy eating a habit

Getting your nutrition right can be a challenge – that’s why we created the Meal Planning Insiders Club. We help you make healthy eating super simple.

improve your nutrition

With the Meal Planning Club, you will be eating healthy meals that will nourish your body & help you reach your goals!

enjoy healthy eating

We know healthy food is both nutritious & delicious. Try new recipes & discover how flavourful healthy eating can be.

Make dinner fun & flavourful

New recipes make dinnertime less stressful & more fun. Make food that you & your family will enjoy that is nutritious & delicious.

Meal planning insiders club benefits

healthy recipes curated for you

The Meal Planning Insiders Club curates delicious recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less. With a focus on whole, fresh foods, these recipes are easy to make and family friendly. Starting in Ocrober 2019, we will be offering both regular & plant-based recipe guides so you can enjoy a wide variety of meals that suits your food preferences.

Flexibile planning

Recipes are broken down into weekly guides that you can follow as-is with convenient print & go grocery lists. Want to mix up the recipes to hit specific calorie or macro goals? No problem. Use the recipes and create your own meal plan that suits your goals and your lifestyle.

saving you time & Money

The Club is all about making healthy eating easy, affordable & convenient for you. Print & Go grocery lists make shopping a breeze plus helping you save money by buying only the things you need. In addition to saving you money on groceries, you also save money that you might have spent on fast food on hectic weeknights. Take back your weeknights so you can stress less over what’s for dinner and focus more on enjoying meals with your family.

pick your plan

Pick the Meal Planning option that suits you & your lifestyle best!




45+ healthy animal & plant-based recipes for all meals (including snacks)

Guides broken down into weekly plans with print & go grocery lists

ALL guides delivered at the beginning of each month

Calorie/Macro/Nutritional Information with each recipe

Access to a private online community for support, accountability & encouragement.

plant based



45+ healthy plant-based recipes for all meals

Guides broken down into convenient weekly plans with print & go grocery lists

ALL guides delivered at the beginning of each month

Calorie/Macro/Nutritional Information with each recipe

Access to a private online community for support, accountability & encouragement.

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Are the recipes nutritionally balanced?

All the recipes has been carefully curated by Heather Cook, a certified Nutrition Coach, to provide balanced nutrition for most healthy adults.

 Members have the option to customize their own plans by using the provided recipes in a format that fits their needs. 

can i pick my recipes ?

The Meal Planning Club curates the recipes for you to help you save time. At this time we don’t offer members the option to select their own recipes. 

If you would prefer one of our unique recipe e-books instead where you can choose the recipes you want, they will be available starting October 2019. Join our mailing list to learn when they have been released.

how do i access my recipes ?

When you subscribe, you will gain access to the Members Only area where the recipe guides are located to be downloaded.

At the beginning of each subsequent month, you will get an email letting you know that new recipes have been added with a link to get back to the Members Area.

How many recipes do i recieve?

Members receive 45+ recipes each month that include a combination of breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks. 


Starting in October 2019, you have the option of selecting if you would like regular or plant-based recipe guides based on your eating preferences.

Do I have to follow the weekly plan?

No, you don’t. Members have the option to customize their own plans using the provided recipes OR follow the weekly guides. 

This enables you to meal plan for specific macro or calorie goals. For custom meal planning guides, please contact us.

What can i expect from the weekly guide ?

The weekly guide will include: all your recipes, a print & go grocery list plus nutritional/calorie/macro breakdowns for each recipe.  

Each recipe has simple instructions to make them easy to follow. All measurements are in Imperial format (cups/tsp etc.) and recipes include notes to give you the option to customize the recipe to suit your tastes.

The Meal Planning Club is Perfect for you if ...

  • You want one resource for all your healthy recipes & meal planning needs
  • You want the simplicity of a done-for-you approach to meal planning and healthy eating
  • You want to save money on groceries and fast food
  • You want to save time searching for recipes and planning all your food
  • You want to eat healthier so you can ditch your excuses and make progress towards your weightloss and fitness goals
  • You want to save time (and avoid stress) on weeknights wondering what's for dinner
  • You want the tools and recipes to customize your own meal plan
  • You appreciate the convenience of having healthy recipes curated for you every month that include all the nutritional/caloric/macro breakdowns so you can make progress towards your goals
  • You want more variety in your food because you are tired of eating the same foods over and over ... every week
  • You want to take more control of your nutrition and start focusing on nourishing & fueling your body with healthy meals
  • You want to make healthy meals & snacks more convenient so you aren't tempted to eat foods that don't help you achieve your bodyweight goals
  • You want healthy, family-friendly meals that everyone will love so you stop thinking you're on a diet .. and start living a healthy lifestyle with your family
  • You want to join a community of other meal preppers for support, encouragement & accountability
  • You want to start making your health a priority and build the habits of healthy eating and meal planning & prepping

Because healthy eating shouldn’t be hard.

We help you make healthy eating simple.

Start eating healthier meals today. Get healthy recipe guides and our best meal planning & prepping tools so you can make healthy eating a habit. All for less than the cost of eating out once with your family.

No committment. Cancel anytime.

Become a Club Member & Receive these 2 Amazing Bonuses:

Guide to Calculate your Daily Caloric Intake

  • Learn how to calculate your daily caloric intake in 3 easy steps
  • Learn how much food you should be eating to reach your specific goals
  • Learn why it's important to check your food intake on a regular basis
  • Start getting your nutrition right so you can be healthy, fit & strong

Meal Prep & Planning Guide

  • Learn how to meal plan and prep with a simple step-by step guide
  • Learn what containers are best for meal prepping so you can be prepared
  • Learn how long your foods stay fresh for optimum health and nutrition
  • Learn simple tricks to help you maximize your time in the kitchen and save money on groceries
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