how to meal plan like a pro

How to Meal Plan like a Pro

Meal planning & food prepping is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. It is the way to make healthy eating a habit for you and your entire family.

learn how to meal plan like a pro

As a busy mom, I know how chaotic dinnertime is in a busy household. Not only is there the stress of WHAT to make for dinner but also ensuring you are organized on a daily basis can be a huge headache. I remember nights in our household where I would literally throw up my hands in frustration because I hadn’t planned well enough or I was tired and it was overwhelming to just get dinner on the table.

After struggling with the question of ‘What’s for dinner’ for years and opting for take-out or frozen foods, meal planning and food prepping quite literally transformed our lifestyle.

Not only does planning ahead ensure we have healthy and delicious foods available for every meal, but it saves us a ton of money on groceries. I have stopped throwing out food we don’t eat and buy only what we need on a weekly basis. It’s made it easy for the kids or my husband to pitch in on busy weeknights to prep and serve the meals. It’s the #1 habit I help my clients with every day so that they too, can transform their lifestyle.

Get Organized

In order to save yourself the headache and stress of everyday dinner nightmares, it’s important to plan ahead. In my house this means I do the following:

  • Pre-plan all dinners for the coming week and write them down on a custom menu board which hangs in our kitchen
  • Pre-plan lunches for the coming week for all members of our family
  • Grocery shop for exactly what I need (big $$ saver as I am not buying tons of random things I ‘might’ use)
  • Prep and cook lunches for the week ahead so that everyone is prepared
  • Prep any casseroles or slow cooker meals for dinners (we normally do a casserole or SC meal on Monday nights)
  • Make snacks like protein balls which are great as on-the-go items
  • Make breakfasts if I am planning on having egg cups or overnight oats

I set aside a good portion of the day on Sunday to do all actual cooking and prep. The meal planning and shopping typically will fall on either Friday night or Saturday morning. For me, this is optimal and ensures I get everything done and still have some balance to my weekend.

Now if you are planning on implementing a system, I recommend following a similar plan to what you see above based on your schedule. Before you start planning, you may find it handy to:

  • Get some great lunch and storage containers for your food
  • Consider investing in a white board or chalk board so that you can keep you & your family organized
  • Install a few menu apps on your tablet or phone and create a list of some recipes you would like to try so you can pull from them on a regular basis
  • Install a shopping or list app (I love AnyList) to allow you to easily create and share shopping lists with your family
  • Get some freezer bags or glass containers if you are planning on making weeknight meals in advance – this will allow you to freeze them and pull them out as needed

Use Your Resources

If you are meal prepping for more than a week in advance, consider teaming up with a friend and making meals together for your family. I love meal prepping parties where you can contribute new recipes (and try new things) and make the process a fun and enjoyable one.

Join the Healthy Habits Tribe where every month you get access to my detailed meal planning guide, healthy and delicious recipes, meal planning templates, grocery lists and a community of women who meal plan just like you. We help you make healthy eating ridiculously easy.

As a mom and a nutrition coach, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of making healthy eating a habit. Regardless of your goals – weight loss, better nutrition, improved health – meal planning and food prep will make all of those goals achievable.

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