fall in love with the weight loss process

How to Love the Process of Losing Weight

Loving the process of losing weight? Sounds crazy right? Yeah well, how many restrictive and punishing diets have you been on that you flat out hated? And that you repeated over and over trying to get results?

I call that crazy.

Crazy is following diet after diet, hating every second on them and then ditching them when you can’t take it anymore. Crazy is expecting a different result when repeating the same process.

The diet industry doesn’t want us to like the process. They want us to find it hard, to quit and to loathe even the word diet. Why? Because they have trained us to always go back to them. To think that they have all the answers.

Well, with obesity on the rise, I can tell you that dieting isn’t the answer.

fall in love with the weight loss process

This is why, when I was facing a multitude of health issues over four years ago, that I decided I wasn’t going to diet ever again. Sure, I had a lot of weight to lose – I was pushing 260 lbs – but damned if I was going on some bland, boring and unliveable diet.

So I decided to do the opposite. Instead of a crazy restrictive diet with nothing but chicken and salad, I decided to work on making the life I had just a little bit better one step at a time. I chose workouts I enjoyed, ate food that tasted great and fell in love with the process of taking care of myself.

I made sure I was eating enough food so I could be active and I stopped stressing over every little calorie. I learned a better way to track my food so I got enough nutrients and I revelled in feeling healthy, strong & happy for the first time ever while working towards a weightloss goal.

I built healthy habits that created structure in my life and helped me when my willpower sucked and my stress levels were high. Over time, I created this lifestyle that not only could I achieve my weight loss goals on, but I could follow for the rest of my life with joy.

And I took what I learned from my own journey, and from training to be a certified nutrition coach, to create the Healthy Habits Tribe. So I can teach other women how to do the same thing I did. Stop dieting and start building a life that is built on healthy habits, healthy & delicious foods and activities they actually enjoy.

I have lost over 85 lbs and am in the best shape of my life. At 45, I have a better relationship with food and my body than I ever did growing up. I kickbox, strength train & love feeling healthy and strong.

And if I can do it, you can too. I can teach you and show you how to fall in love with the process of creating a healthy lifestyle you won’t need a break from.

So I know this is opposite to everything you learned about weight loss and dieting. It’s the thing I see my clients struggle with the most because we are trained to look for a short term diet. But trust me, it’s key to enjoying your life vs suffering through it.

Dieting makes you gain weight (yes you heard me right) while a healthy lifestyle enables you to lose weight, get fit & strong and love the process. Healthy living is about way more than losing weight, it’s about choosing to love who you are and making choices to nourish and strengthen yourself.

Without guilt. Without shame. So you can show up as the healthiest version of YOU and then stay that way throughout the rest of your life.

When you focus less on scale weight and more on taking care of yourself, that’s where the magic lies. Because it’s a journey and there is no finish line. And if you can learn how to nourish, strengthen and celebrate who you are without punishing yourself for who you think you ought to be … that’s how you too can fall in love with the process of losing weight and in taking care of yourself properly for the rest of your life.

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