Calling all women who are fed up with the endless cycle of restrictive dieting. Want to build a healthy lifestyle that allows you to lose weight, get healthy & fit in a way you actually enjoy? Umm yes … it IS possible!

Imagine ....

What if you could ...

  • Learn how to calculate how much food you should be eating everyday to reach your goals & nourish your body so that it's strong & healthy (and stop over & under-eating)
  • Get new recipes every month to keep mealtimes fun & flavourful (with print & go grocery lists)
  • Learn about real nutrition from a certified nutrition coach, so you can stop wasting money on BS diet fixes that don't work
  • Learn essential skills (like meal prepping & planning) so you can make healthy eating easier & more convenient
  • Join a community of like-minded women to get the support, encouragement & accountability you need to reach your goals
  • Learn healthy habits and create a lifestyle that is sustainable so you can LIVE your life, not diet your life away
  • Get a new workout every month that you can do from home or at your gym with minimal equipment

I want to help you take the excuses out of why you can’t achieve your goals. It’s why I created the Tribe. Because when we have the resources then we can take positive, powerful ACTION towards our GOALS.

You know that in order to reach your health & weightloss goals, you need to build a sustainable lifestyle you enjoy. A lifestyle which includes wholesome foods, healthy habits & consistent activity so that you can ditch fad diets. Forever.

In a perfect world, you would never struggle with weightloss or wonder what foods you should (or shouldn’t) be eating.

With so much health & nutrition misinformation out there, it’s not a wonder we fall prey to BS diets & products. Over and over again.

Diet fatigue is a real thing. Especially if you believe you can’t be successful. Or if you think you have to be ‘perfect’ at it. There is no PERFECT when it comes to life. In fact, you have to be willing to be IMPERFECT and to just show up and try. That’s how you reach your goals. By taking action, by being willing to learn and try new things in order to reach goals you’ve never attained before. The Healthy Habits System and the Habits I teach you in Tribe will open you up to a whole new lifestyle. One where you stop following diet culture rules and start making decisions (and plans) for being the healthiest & strongest version of YOU. 

Most of us spend years on diets that don’t work. Miserable. Wondering what is wrong with us and why we can’t lose weight & keep it off.

And it’s not like you aren’t capable of reaching your goals. You are. You just need the tools, the guidance & the right mindset to help you give diets the big ole middle finger.

Tribe gives you those tools & resources so you can start ditching the diet rules and start working on being healthy, happy & fit.


Trust me – I can totally relate. That was my life too. I struggled for years with obesity, health & body confidence issues.

It wasn’t until I worked with a nutrition coach and started building a healthy lifestyle that my life dramatically improved. Today I am the strongest & fittest I have ever been. 

It’s a journey, not a pitstop. Tribe teaches you how to create a lifestyle that is built on a foundation of healthy habits so that you have the confidence to not just lose your weight like I have, but to also keep it off in a sustainable & healthy way.

heather weight loss

Why keep struggling on diets that don’t work when you can build a lifestyle that does?

Hey, I'm Heather and I created the Healthy Habits Tribe for Women just like you.

Because I was there too, searching for the ‘perfect diet’ and wishing there was a magic solution. So I made some BIG mindset shifts and lifestyle changes, and now?

I’m handing you my tools that I learned as a nutrition coach, and which helped me lose over 85 lbs and get in the best shape of my life. All while living a lifestyle I loved.

From new healthy habits to learn & master every month to new recipe guides (with print & go grocery lists) to new workouts and a community of women there to support and encourage you … Tribe is your new BFF. 

The Healthy Habits Tribe makes healthy living ridiculously simple so you can lose weight, get fit & feel fabulous without dieting.

Here's How It Works:

Nourish & Fuel your Body

You will get my guide with simple steps to help you calculate your daily caloric intake based on your unique needs & lifestyle. No more guessing!

Eat Food you Actually Enjoy

You will get new & healthy recipes every month to try. Recipe Guides include calorie & macros breakdowns + grocery lists!

Learn what Healthy Living is all About

Every month you get a new health or nutrition guide that will enable you learn new healthy habits and to make healthier choices for yourself & your family.

Get Active & Fit

Every month you will get a new workout that you can do at home or at the gym. Workouts will be body weight focused with minimal equipment for optimum flexibility.

Get Expert Coaching Advice

As your nutrition coach, I will be active in the community group and doing a live Q & A once a month to help you reach your goals.

Get Support & Accountability

Join a community of women & get the support, advice & accountability you need to reach your goals, living a life you love.

The Tribe opens in Fall 2019. Get on the Waitlist today & be notified when doors open again!

Sounds Great!

So How Much Does it Cost?

I wanted to build a community that was accessible to women at virtually any stage: from young women looking for simple ways to get fit & healthy to the 40+ woman with a busy career who is sick of diets and who is ready for a lifestyle change so she can shed the extra pounds and have more freedom to live life on her terms. 

The total value of the coaching, monthly recipe guides, healthy living guides is well over $300/month but …

You have the opportunity to become a founding Tribe member for just $39/month.  

Prices will go up. Join the waitlist today and secure your spot in the Tribe at the founding member price.

No committment. Cancel anytime.