Diets suck. From tasteless diet foods to feeling hungry all the time to working out AND STILL feeling hungry all the time … diets have earned a love/hate status in our lives.

It’s no wonder we are all out there looking for a weight loss is all about balance

As most of us hate going through that diet cycle where we feel deprived all the time, see results for awhile (and feel righteous) but then slowly, gradually stop following the diet as ‘life happens’ and we don’t feel as motivated to stick with it. Mostly because diets – especially extreme ones – are completely unsustainable. But they make US feel bad for failing THEM. In reality, because they focus on quick fixes these ‘miracles’ are tough to maintain and often involve lifestyle changes that can be too extreme to follow long-term.

The struggle is real. I totally get it.

The weight comes back and with it our low self confidence, poor body image and the overall feeling that diets … they just don’t work. It’s a vicious cycle. And an unnecessary one. It’s time to overhaul our concept of losing weight. It’s time for a healthy eating REVOLUTION!

I struggled for YEARS on yo-yo diets, losing weight and then gaining it all back when the plan got too restrictive or I had just had enough of feeling tired, hungry & angry all the time. I lost and regained the weight over and over. I know from my own experience and from coaching clients, that we all struggle with society’s inherent ‘diet rules’ and expectations.

Then a few years ago, I made a shift. I call it a shift because I didn’t go on a diet – in fact other than set a daily calorie goal that gave me a decent calorie deficit I decided NOT to eat the same boring and blah diet food I had eaten previously. I worked out, I enjoyed a diet rich in protein, carbohydrates & good fats and I fell in love with it. I nurtured my body with healthy supplements and surprise, surprise – it loved me right mentality

I realized that eating healthy didn’t have to suck.That it only sucked because I was following the same ‘diet rules’ which meant uber restrictive eating & bland, boring food. This was my AHA moment: I realized that I was the one who kept jumping on that hamster wheel and following the same strategy over and over again. Without any positive or lasting results.

In fact, I realized that with a few sensible lifestyle shifts I could lose weight, build lean muscle and improve my health by leaps and bounds. I could also follow the lifestyle indefinitely. Which means I could MAINTAIN my weight loss – which is something very few of us manage to do. Probably one of the reasons why 1 in 4 of us are obese and why on average, we start new diets up to four times a year. Maybe this is where you are right now – maybe you are struggling to find that mythical diet miracle. Whatever the reason you found me today – I am glad you did. You are in the right spot to make the same shift I did, towards a healthy lifestyle with foods you enjoy and a regime that boosts your self confidence instead of damaging it. It doesn’t matter what choices you made in the past – it only matters that you make a POSITIVE choice today – for you & your health.

So if you are struggling, here are FIVE ways you can start making that shift today without jumping on a new yo-yo diet:

  1. Start swapping out fast/processed foods for whole foods. Don’t worry about portion sizes a whole lot, just work on improving the quality of the foods you are eating.
  2. Look at the recipes you love and see if there are ways you can make them just a little bit better. Can you upgrade any of the ingredients? Or sub them for a healthier substitute? This can make a HUGE difference.
  3. Plan your meals in advance. I get it, eating healthy when you are busy is tough so plan ahead and create a meal plan that accommodates your schedule.
  4. Prep some healthy snacks and keep them stored in a convenient place. Whether that’s your fridge or in your bag as you are on the go, the more convenient you make healthy eating the better odds you will eat nutritious foods.
  5. Try some new foods. Make it a challenge to try some new whole foods every week and expand your food repertoire. The more you experiment and try new things the better (and more tasty) your meals will be.

This is a great start to a healthy lifestyle packed with nutritious foods. It will start getting you off that diet hamster wheel and focusing on building a better and more positive relationship with food.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to suck and it’s not difficult. It doesn’t mean giving up whole food groups and it doesn’t include crazy workouts. Sure – if intense exercise is your jam then go for it – but if its not, then you can still lose weight and get healthy! My coaching philosophy is that the plan should be tailored to fit your fitness level – whatever it is right now – so that you can find activities that you love to do which get your body up and moving.

For more information on making the shift to a healthy lifestyle, be sure to grab my free guide that will help you build confidence with improving your nutrition, building consistent fitness into your life, dealing with stress and getting into the right mindset for long term success.

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