December in the Meal Planning Club

During my 30+ years dieting and trying to improve my overall health & fitness, I struggled with making healthy eating a consistent habit. Why? Well, often because the ‘diet’ recipes were repetitive, boring and a complete departure from a lot of the foods I normally ate. I searched all the time for healthy recipes that were as delicious as they were nutritious and over time created a go-to recipe library that I could rely on. But even that library got stale and I wished I had one go-to resource that would make it easy to find healthy recipes that I knew would taste great AND be delicious to eat. I am a foodie at heart. I love connecting with my family and friends over good food. Cooking for them, sharing a meal with them that we all enjoyed … that is life to me.

When I became a nutrition coach, I saw that my clients had that same need. They struggled just as much as I had to find recipes that were flavourful, fun and in keeping with the types of foods they already enjoyed. So I shared my recipes with them, but I saw the need to provide a better resource so they could continue to eat healthy without feeling like they were outsiders or that they weren’t allowed to have social lives. When you diet, you can feel like you are sitting in the same restaurant as the rest of your family or friends, but you’re separated from their table by a glass wall … and all they are serving on your side are boring salads. You dutifully eat your salad, but in your heart you want to be eating the same foods as everyone else. Eating diet food can seem like a punishment and it’s truthfully, one of the main reasons I see people quit diets. We want healthy eating to be a part of our journey, so that it teaches us sustainable ways to continue to prepare and cook food that will nourish our bodies and help us work towards our goals. Not to be punished for choosing to take care of our bodies and get into better shape.

This is why I created the Meal Planning Club. If you’ve never heard of the Club before, it’s essentially a hub of healthy recipes, plug & play balanced meal plan guides (with grocery lists) and healthy eating resources I have created to help my members adopt a healthy lifestyle that they can fall in love with. I curate, create & taste test new recipes all the time and I bring that passion for healthy eating to the Club so that you can benefit.

This month in the Club, I have added a ton of new recipes & meal plan guides that are seasonally influenced. Meals are hearty, filling & nutritious. Recipes can be used as members see fit, to create customized weekly meal plan guides for themselves or when life gets hectic, they can just grab one of the pre-made healthy meal plan guides and follow it. Tons of variety, easy to use and recipes that everyone will enjoy.

Curious about some of the recipes in the Club? See some of the featured recipes below:

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