Core Benefits: It’s About More than Great Abs

“Damn, that girl has ABS. Like I WISH I had her body.”

When most of us think of having a strong core, we think of sleek abs or a 6-pack, right? And while that’s aesthetically appealing, the importance of having a strong core goes beyond having a flat stomach.

When it comes to a strong core, the benefits go beyond a leaner, tighter stomach.

You see a strong, functioning core is the foundation to all healthy and pain free movement. Your core is a dynamic system made up of four muscles which work together as a system to provide a stable foundation for all body movement. In addition to that, a strong core helps create solid postural muscles which in turn improve your circulation, digestion & your breathing.

When you have a strong core, you move better, you breathe deeper, you have less body pain, you can do exercises better and your overall quality of life improves. So how do you improve your core strength?

Your core has two layers to it to give it strength & stability. Creating or restoring your core starts with your inner-most muscles. When our inner core muscles are strong, we have better mobility and stability as we move throughout our day. When you add a strength training aspect to your core workouts, you strengthen your outer core muscles. And a strong body is integral to excellent health, increased confidence and decreased stress.

Try exercises like these to work both the outer and inner core muscles:

  • Planks – both traditional & side planks
  • Turkish Get ups
  • Rollouts
  • Glute Engagement Squats
  • Bicycles
  • Medicine Ball Exercises
Planks are an excellent exercise to improve your core strength. Grab my free ebook so you can plank like a pro!

To improve your core strength, I recommend starting with a minimum of 3 workouts a week with a strong core focus. Focus on form and technique over how many reps you can do or how long you can hold a plank. Start small and build strength over time. Once you are stronger, you can add power to your workouts and increase the intensity or difficulty level to keep the exercises challenging.

So if you aren’t sure if you need to strengthen your core, I have put together a free ebook for you. This ebook includes:

  • The many benefits of a strong core (including many you don’t think about)
  • How to assess how strong your core is
  • Foundational core exercises that you can do easily, with minimal equipment, to improve your core strength and overall health

For many of us, we sit at a desk for long hours everyday and over time, our core gets weaker and weaker. If we don’t consciously choose to strengthen our body, then we can suffer from all manner of health & physical ailments. If this sounds familiar, and you have one or more ailments as listed above then it’s definitely time to give your core some love and attention!

If you are ready to take some core action, then I would love to help you. My Restore your Core ebook has everything you need to get started so that you can reap the benefits of a stronger, healthier body.

As always, if you have questions, I would love to help. Feel free to drop me a comment below or contact me for more nutrition & fitness advice.

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