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Well Hey There! I am Heather and I help busy women make healthy living a habit so they can reach their goals without restrictive dieting.

Our first program of 2020 starts with a Free 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge. Learn the 7 essential healthy habits to sustainable weightloss in this fun challenge!

Sustainable Weightloss

When it comes to weightloss, I know what it’s like to struggle endlessly on a rollercoaster of dieting extremes. At my heaviest I weighed over 260 lbs and I despaired of finding a plan or program that would help me sustainably lose weight – and keep it off forever.

I started small, making small – but consistent – improvements to my nutrition, lifestyle & fitness that enabled me to lose over 85 lbs and keep it off for years. The healthy habit system that I learned, and which creates the foundation of my lifestyle today, is what I teach my nutrition clients so they can achieve the same results that I have. 

I help busy women who are diet fatigued, learn healthy habits so they can lose weight, get fit & feel fabulous.

All without dieting gimmicks or restrictive dieting. 

You’re busy, busy, busy, and you haven’t found the time to take care of yourself the way you know you should.  You feel stressed, and you’re a few pounds heavier than you want to be and feel like you’ve lost a bit of yourself somewhere along the way.

You know you want to look and feel amazing, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin – it’s all a bit overwhelming, and you know you can’t do it on your own.

You’re certainly not alone, and the good news is that I can help! You see, I’ve been there myself, so I know EXACTLY what it’s like. I also know what it’s like to be on the other side, and that’s what I want for you!

Let’s get you back on track so you can start feeling the way you want to feel – and the way you deserve to feel.

Imagine being guided through a simple, step-by-step process so you know what to do every step of the way to reach your goals! 

Yes, it’s true – we are what we eat.  But there’s so much more to the healthy living puzzle!

As a client of mine, you’ll learn easy-to-implement strategies that can transform the way you look and feel – as well as help you to better understand your relationship with food, without feeling:

Deprived, Restricted, Overwhelmed or Guilty!

My Coaching Program is for You if You Want to:

Sustainably Lose Weight

Reaching your goal weight is important - no doubt - but equally important is learning the healthy living strategies that will enable you to lose weight and keep it off, for good!

Learn how to live a Healthy Lifestyle

Losing weight is only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle and my coaching programs will help you learn a simple step-by-step process to create a lifestyle that you enjoy & which supports your healthy living goals.

Get in Better Shape

Improving your physical fitness is key to better health, improved body confidence and overall quality of life. I will give you the tools and guidance so you can get fit, healthy & strong.

Have More Energy

Improving your nutrition, eating healthier meals & taking care of your body naturally results in boosting your energy levels so you feel happier with yourself and with life in general.

BEST OF ALL ... you will have my support & guidance every step of the way as you implement simple changes for life-long success!

My coaching programs are all online, so you can take part in them from wherever you are in the world. Starting in January, I have two programs that are starting and you can take part in 1 or both of them! Click on the images below to get more information.

Coaching Programs

7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

30 Day Fit & Healthy Jumpstart

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