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Hey there, I am Heather. I teach Plus-Size Women the simple & sustainable steps to creating a healthy lifestyle they love so they can lose weight, get fit & rock their curves with confidence.

Because let’s face it, the majority of diets out there reinforce the idea that skinny = healthy. And that we need to engage in highly unhealthy & punishing dieting practices to be ‘healthy’. It’s a cycle that needs to stop.

Real health is achieved when we nourish our bodies with whole foods and  where we celebrate what our bodies can do with activities and exercise we actually enjoy. The reality is, when we focus on becoming healthier, we make choices not to be a certain size, but because it makes us FEEL amazing. Strong. Happy. Confident.

And when we are healthy, our bodies naturally shed weight, get leaner and work better. 

This is why my unique nutrition program is about helping you learn the simple strategies to creating a lifestyle you actually enjoy living. A lifestyle that empowers you to nourish & fuel your body so you can sustainably reach your goals, all while eating foods you enjoy and without feeling deprived.

My program will help you ditch negative dieting practices and help you shift into a mindset that recognizes just how beautiful & worthy you are … and all the ways you can take care of your body so you look and feel fabulous. So that you make decisions for your health and well being … and not to be a certain dress size.

My online nutrition program will be launching in Spring 2020. Click the button below to get on the waitlist so that you are FIRST on the list when registration opens up.

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