A healthy living blog dedicated to helping you improve how you eat, how you move and how you live your life. Packed with information on healthy weight loss, delicious & wholesome recipes, tips & strategies to improve your workouts … this blog is for you.

Regardless of your age, good health makes you wealthy. How you look & feel has a direct correlation to how well you treat yourself body, mind & soul. The choices you make today will have an impact on your body, and your life, so I encourage you to make well informed choices and decisions whenever you can. Think about where you want to be not just tomorrow, but in a few years down the road. Make decisions today that support those long term goals.

Remember it’s not an ‘all or nothing’ attitude that gets you to your goals, friends. It’s an ‘all or something’ philosophy that will carry you through and help you hit your body weight goals and maintain them – no matter what life throws at you.

Have questions about healthy living? Drop them below! Looking for information on a certain nutrition, fitness or healthy living topic and don’t see it? Let me know and I will be sure to add an article about it in the future. Want to write an article and have it features on my blog? Contact me and let’s chat.

Make it a wonderful day friends!

Heather xoxo


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  • roasted tomato marinara sauceRoasted Tomato Marinara Sauce
    When I was a young mom, I developed a love affair with Italian dishes and I loved making gorgeous pasta dishes, risotto and delicious pizzas. I remember one of the first cookbooks I really treasured was by Giada DeLaurentis (Everyday Italian) that contained some amazing recipes – to this day […]
  • Chili Lime Tacos
    Healthy eating does not have to suck. Nope – it can be as fun and adventurous as you want to make it! I have been living the healthy lifestyle dream over here, eating yummy foods and trying new recipes. The latest recipe we tried this past weekend were these spectacular Chili Lime Tacos that […]
  • meal planning like a bossMeal Planning like a Boss
    As a busy mom, I know how chaotic dinnertime is in a busy household. Not only is there the stress of WHAT to make for dinner but also ensuring you are organized on a daily basis can be a huge headache. I remember nights in our household where I would literally throw up my hands in frustration […]
  • strategies for weight lossSuccessful Strategies for Fat Loss
    Excess body weight is an increasing problem in our society. With the abundance of overly processed foods, the staggering availability of fast foods and the convenience lifestyle that many of us gravitate towards – it’s no wonder that obesity rates are on the rise. Excess fat isn’t […]
  • Plant based eatingAll About Plant Based Eating
    One of the most prevalent trends I see today as health & nutrition coach, is the shift to eating a plant based diet. I see a greater focus on eating more whole foods (which is optimal) and awareness that processed foods are contributing to the obesity epidemic. However, that being said, I still […]
  • How to Make (and Keep) your New Years Resolutions
    The start of a new year is when most of us typically make some pretty ambitious new years resolutions like losing weight, getting in shape or just feeling better. Unfortunately, over 70% of us will stop working on these resolutions after only a few weeks and that’s for a few specific reasons: […]
  • pet health & wellnessPet Health & Wellness
    Health and wellness isn’t just a relevant topic for people. It’s for pets too. As a total cat momma, I take the health and wellness of my furry felines very seriously. Currently, we have six adorable cats with very distinct personalities whom we love and treat like family because they […]
  • overnight oatsDelicious Overnight Oats
    So a few months ago, a friend introduced me to overnight oats. Apparently this has been a ‘thing’ for awhile but you will have to forgive me because I apparently came late to the overnight oats party. Never a huge fan of oatmeal, I was at first unsure of whether or not I would like […]
  • A Question of CarbsA Question of Carbs
    As a nutrition coach, I think one of the top questions I get asked is what I think about carbs or more specifically, what I think about the low carb (or zero carb) diet. So I decided to share my thoughts on carbs and let you decide what works best for you & your body. Now, just for a little […]
  • Improving your Health with CollagenTop 5 Benefits of Collagen Supplements
    About five years ago, before I lost a significant amount of weight (over 85 lbs), I started having mobility issues. Now maybe if I was 85 I would have just chalked this up to an age thing but at 40? Ummm no, not so much. You see when I was much younger, I had injured my ankle (the same one) twice […]