About Me

About Me

Hey there, I’m Heather, a nutrition coach with a passion for kickboxing and a no-nonsense approach to health and nutrition.

I’m a dual entrepreneur and I split my time between coaching busy 40+ moms who want to be strong & fit and running my award winning home staging biz. When I am not working, you can find me hanging out with my family, listening to inspiring podcasts and working out. Yes, I am that woman who probably owns more athletic outfits than ‘regular’ clothes. Just keeping it real.

If you know me, then you know I am passionate about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I grew up in the endless cycle of dieting, always trying to be smaller to fit someone else’s ideals of perfect body image. When I was in my 40’s I ditched the fad diet craziness and worked on becoming the best version of myself. I lost over 85 lbs, dramatically improved my health and got in the best shape of my life. I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk too.

My mantra is: Stronger. Healthier. Happier. 

heather weight lossFocusing on getting healthy & strong was the best decision I ever made. Today I respect and love my body for all that it IS and I don’t obsess over scale weight. Yes, I am significantly leaner and stronger than I ever was growing up but that’s because I nourish my body with healthy food and challenge it with a combination of strength training & kickboxing.

I am passionate about showing women that health & fitness can be a part of your life without dominating it. It’s not about hitting a specific scale weight or dress size. It’s about being healthy, happy, fit & strong.

I help busy moms who are tired of not recognizing themselves when they look in the mirror. Women who are tired of feeling tired and who long to be confident about their bodies. Women who want to feel empowered to show up as the best and healthiest version of themselves.

That isn’t a dress size. That is a state of mind. And it’s absolutely achievable. I am an example of what a healthy lifestyle, consistent fitness & body positivity looks like.

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If you are dying to hear more about me, here are 5 things you might not know:

  1. I have probably tried most fad diets out there. It’s true. So when I tell you they don’t work, it means I have years of experience (and a nutrition certification) to back this up.
  2. I love being organized and every year I get a little more minimalist. This means I declutter regularly and I keep the things that have true value for me.
  3. I am a tough (but fair) coach. I love to teach my clients the skills they need to learn how to make healthy choices and when they get that I am setting them up for long term success (not a fad diet), the look on their faces is worth every struggle.
  4. I love to write! I seriously thought about becoming a writer when I was younger and I went to university for English Literature. This is probably why I love to blog, write newsletters and write content for my clients.
  5. I faced mobility issues a few years ago, when I was at my heaviest. I struggled to walk more than half an hour at a time and the worry of being immobile pushed – shoved – hurled me into getting fit. Today I can out-run my husband but a few years ago … not a chance!

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