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Everyday thousands of women make the decision to start a new trendy diet with the hopes that it will solve their weightloss problems & frustrations.

Question is: Is that your strategy too?

And whether you are on a diet right now or, you plan to start Monday, the success of that plan lies in whether or not the diet is actually sustainable.

If you are tired of dieting BS, of trendy ‘fat burning’ supplements … or … you are just trying new diets with no actual plan for longterm success …

Then keep reading.

Because what follows could be THAT moment that you will look back on, a few months from now when you are feeling happy, healthy AND making progress towards your goals … all while living a lifestyle you enjoy.

But First

The Dreaded Question

(and why we cringe when we hear it)

You’ve probably been asked this question dozens of times. By girlfriends, over wine, as you bemoan the pounds that can never be lost. Or by your mom or concerned spouse. Always with the best of intentions. But still, it’s a loaded question that can set off a cascade of body insecurities. So what’s the question?

When are you starting your diet?

Yikes! I used to HATE this question. Like hate to the power of 100. It was a tripwire for all my body anxieties, guilt & shame about my food choices … all coupled with the inevitable dread of killing myself on another diet that I just KNEW I would fail at.

I got this question asked of me starting at the tender age of 12. By well meaning family who were obviously concerned about my weight. I had no idea what dieting was or what it felt like to hate my body for not being perfectly slender. But I would learn that all too soon.

I dieted my way through my teens, 20’s and 30’s. I got asked this question time and again. But today, I am incredibly grateful for that question and the journey I have been on, as a result of that question. It helped me search for – and find – a sustainable weightloss solution.

Because that single question, and the ACTION you take as a result are vital to your health & wellness. Whether you succeed in losing your weight – and keeping it off – is directly tied to how you choose to approach it.

Diet endlessly ... OR ... learn healthy habits and better nutrition so you can build a lifestyle that enables you to reach a healthy weight and sustain it longterm.

But before you can successfully build a healthy lifestyle, you must confront:

The 3 Lies you have been telling Yourself that have Kept you from Getting Healthy & Fit

(and how to flip the script starting now)

Lie #1: My Diet Starts Monday

Let's be real. I can't count the number of diets I intended to start Monday or that mythical day in the future. I don't know how many times I had the best of intentions to sign up for that gym membership ... but never pulled the trigger. If you are anything like me, the overwhelm of STARTING leaves you frozen wondering: What is the BEST diet? Do I have to workout? In front of other people? Am I going to have to cut out carbs? I LOVE carbs! What if I fail?

Oh boy. That is a hot mess of distractions, worries and anxieties that can leave the best of us paralyzed so that any action we take … is no action at all.

What you Need: A simple plan so you can build your CONFIDENCE while focusing on making small but tangible improvements to the lifestyle you already enjoy so you can begin building a healthy lifestyle without the overwhelm.

Lie #2: The ONLY way to lose weight is by eating diet foods

Oh I sense a blog post (or two) from this one lie. I also might be voted off the island for disagreeing with you on this one. Processed, diet foods may seem super convenient but the majority of them lack A LOT in the area of nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Plus, they aren't exactly filling. So you get hangry and you binge on things you shouldn't eat ... which then snowballs into you feeling terrible about yourself and never reaching your weightloss goals.

And added to that, when we create a divider between 'regular' and 'diet' foods, we further emphasize the chasm between normal eating and dieting. And by comparison, dieting is going to suck. Which is why so many of us can't wait to ditch our diet by Friday.

I didn’t lose over 85 lbs and got fit eating diet foods. Instead I fueled and nourished my body with whole foods. I had to learn how to meal plan and prep so that I could make healthy, delicious meals just as convenient as processed diet foods. It was like learning how to drive a car … learning lots of little habits that over time enabled me to feel comfortable and confident in driving my car anywhere I wanted to go.

Diet foods might SEEM like the answer, but they are a short term solution to a long term problem. At some point you WILL rebel, ditch the boring foods and go running back to your ‘normal’ lifestyle. Hence the term ‘yo-yo diet’.

What you Need: To improve your nutrition knowledge so you can create healthy, delicious meals that you actually enjoy eating. The goal is to help you learn how to nourish the body you have with whole foods including lean protein, complex carbs, fruits & vegetables and healthy fats. I want to teach you that healthy eating doesn’t look so different from ‘normal eating’ and that you can still lose weight, get fit and improve your health while eating foods you love.

Lie #3: I Don't Have Time

I think this was the #1 lie I told myself before I lost weight and that I hear as a coach, nearly everday. It's the most common excuse women seem to have for not taking better care of themselves. As a dual entrepreneur, a wife, mom, and woman who works out 4+ times a week ... I get it. Life can get crazy hectic and it can feel overwhelming to add even ONE more thing to that to-do list. But when I get this pretty little lie, what I really hear is a woman telling me that her health and well-being isn't a PRIORITY right now. And that's cool. It's not always the season for focusing on your health and fitness goals. But say out loud that it's not a priority to yourself ... because if deep down you know that you NEED to be making yourself a priority then its time to be honest with yourself.

Because it’s not a matter of HAVING time, its a matter of MAKING time.

And maybe you don’t want to make time for more diet crapola. That’s fine. The diet industry is a 65 billion dollar industry that has US thinking we are the ones that are broken … and that we have no other options if we want to lose weight. When you have been serial dieting for awhile, the thought of dieting again can be … depressing.

What you Need: A simple strategy for prioritizing and planning out the things that are most important and the tools to make things like healthy eating, simple. So you can stop stressing and start losing weight or getting fit in a way that makes sense. With a plan that is focused on the things that truly matter to YOU.

The Good News is ...

Losing weight & getting healthy and fit is simpler than you think.

And if you’ve made it this far, you already know that good health is key to improving your overall quality of life. You totally get it.

Maybe you weren't aware that by building a healthy lifestyle using the Healthy Habits System that I'm going to share with you so you can:

Build a Strong Foundation

A foundation of healthy habits will help you manage not just your good days, but those days where you are stressed to the max. A foundation will take the stress out of trying to figure out what to do next.

Eat Foods you Enjoy

You will learn how to improve your nutrition with healthy food swaps and a strategy for taking the foods you love and making them just a little bit more healthy, one step at a time. No more ditching whole food groups because healthy eating is all about a balanced diet.

Be More Body Positive

You will learn simple strategies to help you improve your self talk so that you can build a better relationship with your body and food. With tips on how to flip the script on negative self talk, you will be able to ditch the mental weight that most of us carry.

Get Active & Have Fun

With a simple strategy to help you start to move your body in ways that you actually enjoy, you will be able to not just lose weight, but work towards being fitter as well. Learn the simple strategy of how to add more activity into your day without punishing workouts you hate doing.

The Truth is ..

I am not telling you a bunch of things that aren't true. I'm giving you outcomes that are totally possible - regardless of whether this is your first attempt at weightloss or your 100th. ... but these outcomes do depend on learning the healthy habit strategy. One that incorporates these core habits while ditching BS diet 'rules', supplements and scripted plans.

This approach is one I use everyday as part of my lifestyle. It’s helped me lose over 85 lbs and keep it off for years. It’s the strategy I was taught as a nutrition coach, and one that has helped thousands of people lose weight, get fit and strong. This approach has given me the FREEDOM to show up as the strongest and healthiest version of myself and live life on my terms.

It’s simple & straightforward. It will give you the tools to change your life, not just your weight.

And in six months from now, when your clothes are fitting better, you have tons of energy .. and is that MUSCLE definition I see in your upper body (?!) … you will be super stoked you decided to ditch dieting and start habit building instead.

This is the first module from the Healthy Habits System that will get you sustainable results.

Building healthy habits is a proven strategy for success with anything you do. And these are core habits that I teach you as part of the first module of the Healthy Habits System. These habits will enable you to learn the skills you need so you can work towards your goals. When it comes to attaining our goals, any expert will tell you that the actual outcome isn't in your control. What is in your control? The behaviours your practice consistently. This is why forming positive, healthy habits is just so powerful.

This Healthy Habits System is Perfect for Women Who are ...

  • Diet Fatigued & ready to learn NEW habits to improve their lives
  • Want simple, actionable steps that they can stack together, as part of a healthy lifestyle, in order to reach their goals ... and maintain them longterm
  • Committed to improving their nutrition - not just going on another diet
  • Are ready to invest time into building a lifetyle that will make them happy & healthy
  • Ready to step up, ditch the excuses, and use the tools provided to finally reach their goals

The Solution is … 

The super simple The Healthy Habit System that gives you the tools and direction to take control of your weightloss and start building your healthy lifestyle TODAY.

Here's What you Learn:

The complete healthy habit system

Get the complete healthy habit system with all necessary habits you need to learn in order to create a healthy lifestyle that enables you to reach your goals. From simple to complex, these healthy habits will truly transform your life.

How to lose weight in a way you actually enjoy

Maybe you’re here for weightloss, maybe it’s to just get fit and healthy. It doesn’t matter. This course will teach you how to reach your goals in a way you actually enjoy so you can stop yo-yo dieting and get off the weightloss rollercoaster.

positive self talk

Our thoughts are powerful. They shape our our perception of ourselves. In the first module, I provide you with 2 simple & effective strategies that you can practice so you get in the habit of being your own BFF. And that’s just the start of helping you improve your mindset when it comes to body image & self worth.

How to Plan for success

Reaching any goals doesn’t just happen by accident. You need to learn how to plan for it. I make it super simple for you to start planning so you can feel confident about your choices. From learning essential skills like meal planning & prepping to learning lifestyle habits, you will learn how to confidently create a lifestyle that supports your goals.

Improved Nutrition

Regardless of your goals, improving your nutition is key to good health and your overall quality of life. From learning more about good  nutrition to learning how to simply transform your meals, one step at a time, the HH System will help you understand how to nourish and fuel your body for optimum health.

how to create a healthy lifestyle

So many of us focus on the actual goal that we forget about what comes after. The Healthy Habits System will help you create a lifestyle that you can flex and customize so that you can maintain your healthy body & adapt easily to new challenges and life events.

When you enroll in the Healthy Habits System, you will get:

  • Access to all the course modules that will walk you through the Healthy Habits, one at a time, so that you can start using them with confidence regardless of whether you are new to healthy living or not.
  • Downloadable lessons and planning sheets so that you can keep them as a handy reference and use the planners as part of your new lifestyle
  • Access to the videos that partner up with each lesson and provide you with even more detail so that you can confidently start putting the habits into practice
  • An invitation to join the Healthy & Strong community for support, encouragement and weekly lifestyle challenges

The full Healthy Habits System will be opening in early 2020 ...

But because I am super excited to welcome you into the Healthy Habits Family, I’m giving you the opportunity to get the first module for The Healthy Habits System, for FREE. 

Yes, you heard me right. This first module of this Course is FREE for a limited time.

I am passionate about helping women who are tired of dieting and who want a solution that doesn’t involve money wasting diet teas, supplements and crazy diet plans that are unrealistic and unsustainable. 

And because I believe that every woman deserves to feel healthy, fit & strong.

Are you ready to get started? You have absolutely nothing to lose and a whole healthy lifestyle to gain.

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