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Does the idea of eating healthy seem like a dream? You know it's important, not just so you can reach your health, fitness & weightloss goals but because you want your family to eat more nutritious meals too. You start off every week with the best of intentions but between work & family demands, you never seem to have the time?

I completely understand. Eating healthy is great in concept, but it can be difficult to do without a plan. As a mom and a dual entrepreneur, I know just how thin my time is stretched and adding just one more thing can literally make me shut down.

And let's face it, if you don't know what to eat or you think healthy eating or dieting is all about bland, boring salads then the motivation to eat better just isn't there. Am I right? Because while there are tons of healthy recipes out there (hello Pinterest), who has time to find recipes all the time just to keep mealtimes healthy & interesting?

If any of this sounds familiar, then just understand that you aren't alone. Food - especially eating healthy food - is the #1 thing my nutrition clients struggled with. Between the overwhelm of knowing what to eat, finding recipes, meal planning and then prepping ... it was a huge issue.

So I created the Meal Planning Club.

Think of the Club as your go-to healthy eating BFF. Every month I curate healthy recipes for you, pack them into weekly meal plan guides that you can just follow, saving your hours of time and overwhelm. The meal plan guides include grocery lists that you can simply print off and take to the grocery store and all the recipes include nutritional information so you can track your food effortlessly. So you save time, money, stress & you ditch all your excuses about why you can't eat healthy meals.

Because you can. No more stressing, no more overwhelm.

It's all done for you, making healthy eating ridiculously easy. With both regular & plant based plans, the Club has everything you need to make healthy eating a habit.

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That was me. At my heaviest I was pushing 260 lbs and facing not just health issues related to obesity, but limited quality of life too.

I was scared, overwhelmed by the thought of going on yet ANOTHER diet, and fed up with my body. After 30 years of diets that didn’t work, I seriously thought I was broken.

I knew I had to lose weight in a way that I enjoyed – and that was sustainable. In a way I could live, not just for the short term, but for the rest of my life. No more BS diet plans or unhealthy diet products.

I was determined to be Healthier, Stronger. Happier.

I started small, learning healthy habits and improving my nutrition. I got a nutrition coach for accountability & support. I stopped trying to be perfect or lose all the weight in 21 days.

It worked. I lost over 85 lbs but more importantly, I lost it living a lifestyle I loved. Eating delicious & healthy foods and doing workouts I enjoyed.

Ultimately, it’s less about the weight I wanted to lose and more about the life I aspired to build. When I realized that, my whole mindset changed. Instead of focusing on a scale weight, I cared about how I felt, how much energy I had, how my clothes fit & how happy I was. I stopped punishing my body for not being a size 0 and took pride in how strong, fast & fit it was.


I can help you do the same thing.

The diet industry only offers you short term weight loss solutions. Restrictive, punishing & unrealistic diets we all hate. They teach you nothing about real nutrition or how to build a sustainable lifestyle.

I help women who want to be healthy & strong ditch diets forever. 

Learn how to reach your weightloss goals – without dieting – by following my simple Healthy Habits System. It’s a course that will teach you the exact habits I used to get strong, healthy and fit.


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