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About Me

About Me

Hey there, I’m Heather, a nutrition coach with a passion for healthy living, simple & delicious food and living life in yoga pants.

Most days you can find me wearing one of my many entrepreneurial hats as I create new blog posts, get jazzed about the progress a client is making and geek out over new active wear for my kickboxing classes. Yes, I am that woman who probably owns more athletic outfits than ‘regular’ clothes. Just keeping it real.

If you know me, then you know I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I am passionate because for so many years I wasn’t living one and I know what it’s like to be overweight, frustrated with the endless cycle of fad dieting and wishing for a better solution.

People often refer to me as shy or reserved. I can be – I am an introvert at heart – and I do better one-on-one than with large crowds of people. I prefer meaningful conversations to small talk and I believe in keeping it real with my friends and clients. I have a witty sense of humor that I use to keep life fun and make people laugh.

I love serving the world by teaching others the skills they need to not just reach their body weight goals, but also improve their overall health and quality of life. I provide tools, strategies and inspiration for people who are tired of ‘diet rules’ and who want a better – and healthier – way of life. I love it when I can show clients that healthy living doesn’t have to suck.

I coach people who need help with ditching the fad diets and ‘magic’ supplements. People who are yearning for a simpler, more effective way to reach their health & fitness goals without sacrificing their lives to restrictive dieting plans and punishing workouts.

I work with people who struggle with losing weight and who are frustrated with the short term diet solutions that are so prevalent in our society today. The ‘quick fixes’ that don’t fix anything and only help people lose faith in themselves and their abilities to manage their health. I especially love helping women who struggle like I did to lose weight, and empowering them to make positive choices that in turn sparks confidence, body positivity and a life long love for healthy living. Seriously, that’s my jam!

cook family 2When I’m not busy working on health & nutrition, you can catch me running my other biz (home staging) and living it up as a cat mom, wife and mom to two teenagers. We love to geek out over superhero movies & TV shows and get into fierce debates about characters, mythology and rich universes full of women who kick butt. My son is learning how to cook and he and I spend lots of time in the kitchen together, talking & laughing as we cook together. My husband runs his own computer security company and in his off time he is my sous chef and kickboxing partner who gets a kick out of getting decked out in our cosplay costumes every year for Fan Expo. We are an eccentric family with 6 adorable cats, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are dying to hear more, here are 5 things you might not know about me:

  1. I have been staging homes for over ten years and I have a passion for accent pillows. True story.
  2. I love being organized and every year I get a little more minimalist. This means I declutter regularly and I keep the things that have true value for me.
  3. I am a tough (but fair) coach. I love to teach my clients the skills they need to learn how to make healthy choices and when they get that I am setting them up for long term success (not a fad diet), the look on their faces is worth every struggle.
  4. I love to write! I seriously thought about becoming a writer when I was younger and I went to university for English Literature. This is probably why I love to blog, write newsletters and write content for my clients.
  5. I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks when I am driving. I started doing this a year ago and it’s changed my life in so many positive ways.  I am always on the look out for a new person to add to my circle and I love to share what I am listening to with my followers, clients and friends.

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