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Welcome to Positive Choices Health & Nutrition Coaching

I am Heather, a nutrition coach with a passion for helping women achieve their goals in a positive and sustainable way. I offer solutions to help them get healthy & fit and show up as the best version of themselves.

I have a no-nonsense approach to health & nutrition that focuses on helping women, just like you, improve their relationships with food and their bodies. I promise to give you the best possible nutritional advice & guidance that is free of weight loss gimmicks or fad diet quick fixes.

This is a space that is all about becoming MORE yourself and not shrinking to fit society’s ideal body image or scale weight. As a coach, I encourage you to ditch the restrictive dieting habits and ‘diet rules’ that just don’t work.

Be healthy. Be strong. Be YOU.

If you have tried everything else, now it’s time to do what works. Not sure where to start? No problem..