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Nutrition coaching

Nutrition Coaching

You’re busy, busy, busy and maybe you haven’t been taking care of yourself the way you know you should. Or maybe you’re diet fatigued and stressed about going on yet another restrictive plan to help you lose the extra pounds & feel good in your skin again.

You know you want to look & feel amazing, but you don’t know where to begin. You’re tired of dieting, of feeling ‘less than’ because you’re not skinny or sculpted like your ideal Instagram Influencer.

I get it. Its why I put together my completely online 12 week program that teaches you everything you need to know to:

  •  Improve your nutrition so you fuel and nourish your body for optimum health AND reach your weightloss and fitness goals
  • Lose weight eating foods you actually enjoy so you stop the restrictive dieting/binging rollercoaster
  • Adopt healthy habits and behaviours which enable you to build a LIFESTYLE that is tailored to how you want to live … so you can stop living your life on a diet
  • Become your own BFF and who makes decisions for the good of her health & happiness
  • Prioritize your health over your scale weight so you can show up as the healthiest version of YOU 
  • Stop beating yourself up for everything you aren’t and start celebrating the amazing woman you already ARE
Want to know more? Click the button below and get on the waitlist for when I open this program up in early 2020. 

Meal Planning Club

You’ve decided that you want to eat healthier & make more nutritious meals for your family but you don’t know where to start. You’re tired of scouring Pinterest for recipes and you wish you had one spot for all your recipes and meal planning tools.

This is why I created the Meal Planning Club – to help busy women just like you make healthy eating ridiculously easy. With 3 months of healthy recipes, weekly done-for-you meal plan guides & a library of healthy eating guides and tools, the Meal Planning Club is your healthy eating BFF.

We help you make eating delicious & nutritious meals easy & fun so you can lose weight and feel amazing.

  • 519-502-3185
  • Waterloo, ON


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