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I am Heather, a nutrition coach with a passion for helping women achieve their goals in a positive and sustainable way. I offer solutions to help them get healthy & fit and show up as the best version of themselves.

I have a no-nonsense approach to health & nutrition that focuses on helping women, just like you, improve their relationships with food and their bodies. I promise to give you the best possible nutritional advice & guidance that is free of weight loss gimmicks or fad diet quick fixes.

This is a space that is all about becoming MORE yourself and not shrinking to fit society’s ideal body image or scale weight. As a coach, I encourage you to ditch the restrictive dieting habits and ‘diet rules’ that just don’t work.

Be healthy. Be strong. Be YOU.

If you have tried everything else, now it’s time to do what works. Not sure where to start? No problem..

About Me

Heather casual and smilingHey there, I'm Heather, a nutrition coach with a passion for kickboxing and a no-nonsense approach to health and nutrition.

Most days you can find me splitting my time between encouraging women to be MORE not less - either through one-on-one coaching, blog posts or on my blog. When I am not coaching, you can find me hanging out with my family, listening to inspiring podcasts or making plans to workout. Yes, I am that woman who probably owns more athletic outfits than 'regular' clothes. Just keeping it real.

If you know me, then you know I am passionate about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I grew up in the endless cycle of dieting, always trying to be smaller to fit someone else's ideals of perfect body image. When I was in my 40's I ditched the fad diet craziness and worked on becoming the best version of myself. Stronger. Healthier. Happier. 

Turns out, it was the best decision I ever made. Today I respect and love my body for all that it IS and I don't obsess over scale weight. Yes, I am significantly leaner and stronger than I ever was growing up but that's because I nourish my body with healthy food and challenge it with a combination of strength training & kickboxing.

I believe that we have this one life and that we shouldn't be miserable jumping from fad diet to fad diet in an effort to 'fit in' or be something we were never meant to be. Strong & Health? YES! Size 0 & Ripped Abs? Maybe - maybe not. I just want to help you show up as the healthiest and strongest version of YOU which is not size, weight or shape dependant.

I am passionate about showing women that health & fitness can be a part of your life without dominating it. Life should have balance.

I help women who want to feel great about their bodies and feel empowered to show up as the best and healthiest version of themselves. That isn't a dress size. That is a state of mind.

cook family 2When I'm not busy working on health & nutrition, you can catch me running my other biz (home staging) and living it up as a cat mom, wife and mom to two teenagers. We love to geek out over superhero movies & TV shows and get into fierce debates about characters, mythology and a rich universes full of women who kick butt. My son is learning how to cook and he and I spend lots of time in the kitchen together, talking & laughing as we cook together. My husband runs his own computer security company and in his off time he is my sous chef and kickboxing partner who gets a kick out of getting decked out in our cosplay costumes every year for Fan Expo. We are an eccentric family with 6 adorable cats, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you are dying to hear more, here are 5 things you might not know about me:

  1. I have probably tried most fad diets out there. It's true. So when I tell you they don't work, it means I have years of experience (and a nutrition certification) to back this up.
  2. I love being organized and every year I get a little more minimalist. This means I declutter regularly and I keep the things that have true value for me.
  3. I am a tough (but fair) coach. I love to teach my clients the skills they need to learn how to make healthy choices and when they get that I am setting them up for long term success (not a fad diet), the look on their faces is worth every struggle.
  4. I love to write! I seriously thought about becoming a writer when I was younger and I went to university for English Literature. This is probably why I love to blog, write newsletters and write content for my clients.
  5. I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks when I am driving. I started doing this a year ago and it's changed my life in so many positive ways.  I am always on the look out for a new person to add to my circle and I love to share what I am listening to with my followers, clients and friends.

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Knowing what you need to do to improve your life takes wisdom.  Pushing yourself to do it takes wisdom.


Hey guys! I love sharing stories from my clients who know me and who are making positive changes in their lives. I am always adding to this page so don’t be surprised to see it change from time to time. It inspires me – and hopefully you – to contact me so I can help you make your health a priority!
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Waterloo, ON

I have known Heather for two years now and she is a strong individual who is dedicated and who works hard at everything she does. She took my Aqua Fit classes and she was one of the hardest working participants in my class. She is one who when she has her mind set on something, she goes after it with everything she’s got. She definitely knows her body, mind & soul! She is always smiling & sweating (which is perfect when we are fellow fitness enthusiasts!!). She is a wonderful & caring person who I am proud to know and call my friend.

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Waterdown ON

I have known Heather since we were young adults. She hasn’t changed much since then – always having been smart & savvy! ‘Grown up Heather’ is even more impressive than she was back then. She somehow manages to juggle a busy family life with an extremely successful career AND devote time to helping others. She is truly passionate about life & living a healthy lifestyle. She is someone I am not only proud of, but who I am proud and thankful to call a friend.

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Toronto ON

I have known Heather for many years. She is a determined & kind and is generous with her time for the people she connects with. Whatever she puts her mind to, she gives 100% whether as a mom, a wife, a business woman and friend.

She has over the past couple of years put her energy into getting herself & her family more fit – eating more healthy and being mindful in how to change things in her life for the better. The results have been amazingly fabulous! She has good ideas & gives excellent advice as it pertains to health and wellness – with obvious results.